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DoD Car Procession

Fall 2020
Dear Community Member,

This year marks the 32nd Annual San Rafael Dia de los Muertos celebration. Although COVID-19 has given us some challenges, it has not deterred the Organizing Committee from keeping the tradition going with modifications.

Rather than being celebrated on one day as we usually do, we are planning to have a month of activities in October, some of which will be virtual, and some spread throughout all of San Rafael. The events and activities will culminate on Sunday, November 1 with a car procession through the Canal neighborhood.

The procession is traditionally a very meaningful part of our annual event. It brings people from all backgrounds together to support each other in honoring each individual’s loved one who has passed. Because of the need to physical distance this year, we welcome the community to participate in a car procession following these guidelines:

• Complete and return the following enrollment form by October 15.
• Procession Date: Sunday, November 1, 2020, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

• Starting Location: Marin Health and Wellness Campus Parking Lot, 3240 Kerner Blvd (Gathering at 5:30 pm – PLEASE STAY INSIDE VEHICLE)

• Please decorate your vehicle at home, prior to arriving at the starting location.
• Unless directed by an officer, you must obey all traffic laws, signals and stop signs.
• The procession will depart from the Health and Wellness Campus at approximately 6 pm, exiting on Kerner Boulevard and crossing over Bellam Boulevard. The Procession will then proceed down Kerner and turn left on Canal Street, then down Canal and turn left on Larkspur Street. At the end where Larkspur Street meets Kerner, the procession will be over and cars should return home. (See attached map.) Due to COVID, there will be no gathering after the procession.
• San Rafael Police Department will lead the procession and the San Rafael Fire Department has again been asked to bring up the rear with their fire engine.
• All participants will be in cars and no one will be walking.

The Dia de los Muertos celebration comes from the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people of Mezzo and South America that through the years has been open to many spiritual influences of this ever-developing world and changing universe we live in. The multicultural community of the Canal Neighborhood hosts the celebration and welcomes residents and visitors to share in a grateful acknowledgement of the continuing ebb and flow of existence in ways we do not understand.
We have included an application to participate in the car procession with hopes you will help us celebrate this year.

For questions or additional information please contact Steve Mason at or
Thank you!

Lin-Yu Diaz, Co-Altar Committee Chair,  Steve Mason, Co-Altar Committee Chair

Day of the Dead Car Procession Map

Car Procession Application

Please fill out the form below for entry into the San Rafael Day of the Dead Car Procession on November 1, 2020. By submiting you agree to:

HOLD HARMLESS AND RELEASE AGREEMENT The undersigned on behalf of himself/herself and on behalf of any child enrolled by the undersigned in the program, in consideration of participation in this program, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, and to release, waive, and discharge, the City of San Rafael and the Multicultural Center of Marin out of or in any way connected with participation by the undersigned or the enrolled child in this program, including injuries due to the active or passive negligence of the Multicultural Center of Marin and City, its offices, and employees. I HAVE READ THE ABOVE HOLD HARMLESS AND RELEASE AGREEMENT AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT I ASSUME RISKS FOR ANY INJURIES AND PROPERTY DAMAGE SUFFERED. I also certify that I (or my children) are knowledgeable as to all rules of conduct appropriate to the above-mentioned activity. Neither I nor my child has any physical illnesses, conditions, disabilities or weaknesses that would interfere with safe participation in the activity. I recognize that bodily injury and/or property damage may be sustained through participation in this activity and acknowledge that I/we voluntarily accept all risks of injury to persons or property. Applicant’s Signature (Last answer on form with Date)

Please submit to: Albert J. Boro Community Center (Pickleweed) (50 Canal Street, San Rafael, CA 94901) or Email to In order to be considered for space, this application must be received in hard copy or by email no later than October 26, 2020.

2020 Inscripción para Procesión de Autos

Favor de llenar la siguiente solicitud para entrar en la Procesión de Autos del Día de los Muertos de San Rafael, el 1 de noviembre 2020. Al entregar este formato, Ud. se acuerda con:

Acuerdo de Liberación y mantenimiento Indemne: El abajo firmante en nombre de el mismo/ella misma y en nombre de cualquier niño inscrito en el programa por el abajo firmante, en consideración de la participación en este programa, acuerda indemnizar y mantener indemne, y liberar, renunciar y exonerar a la Ciudad de San Rafael y al Centro Multicultural de Marin de cualquier manera conectada con la participación por el abajo firmante o del niño inscrito en este programa, incluyendo lesiones a causa de negligencia activa o pasiva de la Ciudad, sus oficiales, y empleados. HE LEĺDO EL ACUERDO DE LIBERACIÓN Y MANTENIMIENTO INDEMNE Y LO ENTIENDO PERFECTAMENTE Y ASUMO LOS RIESGOS POR CUALQUIER LESIÓN Y CUALQUIER DAÑO SUFRIDO EN LA PROPIEDAD. También certifico que yo (o cualquiera de mis niños) son conocedores de todos los reglamentos de conducta apropiada a la actividad arriba mencionada. Ninguno, yo o mis niños tenemos ninguna lesión física, condición, desabilidad o debilidad que pudiera interferir con la participación segura en la actividad. Yo reconozco que lesiones corporales y daños a la propiedad pueden ser sostenidas mediante la participación en esta actividad y reconozco que yo/nosotros voluntariamente aceptamos los riesgos de lesión a personas o propiedad.

Favor de mandar esta inscripción a:

Albert J. Boro Community Center (Pickleweed) (50 Canal Street, San Rafael, CA 94901) o
Correo electrónico

Para ser considerada para un lugar en la procesión, esta solicitud debe ser recibida por alguna de estas formas antes del 26 de octubre del 2020.