Car Procession

Oct. 19th • 3:00 PM

Application Due Date: 10/14/24

Dear Community Member,
San Rafael’s 36th Annual Día de los Muertos celebration will again include a car procession/cruise downtown San Rafael on Saturday, October 19th at 3:00 pm. Now an annual part of our celebration, the car procession/cruise extends our celebration allowing people to view the decorated cars while looking at altars in downtown business windows. It also serves as a reminder of our traditional celebration two weeks later at the Albert J. Boro Community on November 2, 2024. The car procession will end in the parking lot at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Tamalpais where we encourage participants to display their cars while music and food will be available at the Multicultural Center of Marin.

The Día de los Muertos celebration comes from the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people of Mezzo and South America that through the years has been open to many spiritual influences of this ever-developing world and changing universe we live in. The multicultural community of the Canal Neighborhood hosts the celebration and welcomes residents and visitors to share in a grateful acknowledgment of the continuing ebb and flow of existence in ways we do not understand.

We have included an application to participate in the car procession with the hope you will help us celebrate this year.

For questions or additional information please contact Steve Mason at or (415)485-3079.

Thank you!

Steve Mason, Altar Committee Chair

Raquel Valdez, Co-Car Procession Committee Chair


Those interested in participating must follow the event guidelines:

  • Complete and return the following enrollment form by October 13, 2023.
  • Procession Date: 3:00 pm Saturday, October 19, 2024.
  • Assemble/Starting Location: NEW UPDATED LOCATION: Marin Clean Energy Parking Lot, Northwest corner of Fifth Avenue and Tamalpais (Gathering starting at 1:30 pm).
  • Decorating will be permitted in the Marin Clean Energy Parking Lot. All trash and decorations must be taken with you
  • All decorations must be securely attached to vehicle and vehicle safe to drive on street. Event staff and San Rafael Police Department personnel have final say if they feel a vehicle is not safe for the event
  • Unless directed by an officer, you MUST obey all traffic laws, at crosswalks, signals, stop signs and yield at left hand turns when required. This event is a cruise and the route will not be closed to other traffic. Vehicles must stay in lane of traffic.
  • Seatbelts must be worn by everyone in the vehicle. Passengers are not permitted in the back of pick-up and flatbed trucks.
  • Applicant must possess adequate insurance coverage and liability for each participating vehicle.
  • San Rafael Police Department will lead the procession and the San Rafael Fire Department has been invited to bring up the rear with their fire engine.
  • All participants will be in cars and no >one will be walking.


  • Depart from Marin Clean Energy Parking Lot at 3 pm (New this year)
  • Turn right on Fifth Avenue
  • Turn left on H Street
  • Turn left on 4th Street
  • Turn left on Lincoln
  • Turn right on Fifth Avenue (New this year)
  • Turn left on Tamalpais Avenue (New this year)
  • Conclude in Marin Clean Energy parking lot corner of Fifth Avenue and Tamalpais Avenue (New this year) (Multicultural Center of Marin will be overflow lot if needed.)
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