DoD 2020 Team

Organizing Committee

Catherine John, Committee Chair 2020, Community Resident and Artist

Steve Mason, Senior Supervisor, Albert J. Boro Community Center & Pickleweed Park

Douglas Mundo, Executive Director, Multicultural Center of Marin

Claude Crudup, Director of Programs, Multicultural Center of Marin

Elisabeth Setten, Executive Director at Art Works Downtown

San Rafael Business District Board Member, Downtown San Rafael Art District, Manager

Lauren Muszynski, Program Director, Catholic Charities Canal Family Support

Lin-Yu Diaz, Community Resident and Artist

Zoe Harris, Community Resident and Artist

Stephanie Jucker, Community Resident and Artist

Barbara Clifton Zarate, Marin Community Foundation Liaison

Louise Yost, Community Resident and Artist

Peter B. Collins, Collins Media Services

Big Thanks

Marin Community Foundation

Bank of Marin

City of San Rafael

San Rafael Fire Department

San Rafael Police Department

Pickleweed Library

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Enriching Lives through Music (ELM)

Bahia Vista Elementary School

Marin County Health and Wellness Campus

Community Media Center of Marin

Art Works Downtown

San Rafael Downtown Business Improvement District

Downtown San Rafael Arts District

Marin Sanitary Services

Sylvia Bingham Fund

Marin Designs

Linda González

María Cristina Criollo

Center for Domestic Peace

Cucu’s PlayHouse